After seven years, Chad, Shay and Pharrell are back, collaborating with almost beauty mogul Rihanna, ‘Lemon’.

It has been three Years since the infectious (and god-damn annoying now) ‘Happy’, Skateboard P has been on the quiet front with music until cryptic message ‘No One Ever Really Dies’ started to appear at Camp Flog Gnaw in october of this year.

Fans have already spotted that it looks as though this was in progress since at least January 2015, with both Rihanna and Pharrell dropping hints on their Instagram accounts.

‘Lemon’ is a zesty and fresh return for the internet-rap group, with Rihanna rapping and almost taking over the whole track. N.E.RD have released a video to accompany their single. Directed by Todd Tourso and Scott Cudmore, it sees Mette Towley – one of Pharrell’s dancers – perform an insane solo routine.

Honestly, the track is addicting and Rihanna rapping hard is what 2017 needs.

Peep the video tutorial below.


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