Monday, May 25, 2020
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George Maple – Lover


‘How do you feel about love?’ is what’s asked at the start of George Maple’s debut ‘Lover‘. It has been a long wait, with a couple of singles to tide us over, but the debut of Australian Jess Higgs is here.

Do not be fooled by the length, ‘Lover‘ is an art project with interludes, comments and thoughts about love as a concept, rather than an object, with Higgs’ alter-ego delving into the art piece. Showcasing people’s thoughts and feelings, even stories, of falling in love.

There’s something that pulls in with the topic of love. Of course, everyone has their own interpretation of it, but Maple’s view gives us a way of asking what is it that makes it so pleasing, so attractive to possess and dominate it with power.

Varying into other themes that tie into love, with Greed and Power is the main talking points within the Goldlink featured ‘Sticks and Horses’, In time, however, Love can turn into a weakness, proven with ‘Kryptonite’ with the words as an example: “I’m in too deep, forgot to swim, oh baby I like it.”

Love shows a lot of passion in her first single ‘Lover’ – set in a nightclub, with a collective of emotions are running at the utmost highest, with Maple questioning her own love life, and putting things clear through the rest of the album.

‘Lover’ is giving us the chance to figure out what it means to be in love, while Maple is figuring out herself. At her most vulnerable, Maple’s ‘Lover’ is at her most relatable.

WATCH: ‘Sticks And Horses’ (NSFW)


Donald Glover Signs New Record Deal


It seems that 2018 can finally start off on a good note. 22 days late.

Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino) has signed a record deal with Sony’s RCA, thus leaving longtime label Glassnote behind. According to Variety, He is expected to release new music this year (which we’re already aware of) as he has been making music in London.

He is still under the Childish name, though he has mentioned of leaving the alter-ego behind with his next album.

There is no word on when new music will come about, but it will be likely during or after the new series of Atlanta hits US TV screens in March.

Glover will perform at this year’s Grammys on 28 January (Sunday), where he is also nominated five times for “Awaken, My Love!” including Album and Record of The Year.

N.E.R.D Return after Seven Years with ‘Lemon’


After seven years, Chad, Shay and Pharrell are back, collaborating with almost beauty mogul Rihanna, ‘Lemon’.

It has been three Years since the infectious (and god-damn annoying now) ‘Happy’, Skateboard P has been on the quiet front with music until cryptic message ‘No One Ever Really Dies’ started to appear at Camp Flog Gnaw in october of this year.

Fans have already spotted that it looks as though this was in progress since at least January 2015, with both Rihanna and Pharrell dropping hints on their Instagram accounts.

‘Lemon’ is a zesty and fresh return for the internet-rap group, with Rihanna rapping and almost taking over the whole track. N.E.RD have released a video to accompany their single. Directed by Todd Tourso and Scott Cudmore, it sees Mette Towley – one of Pharrell’s dancers – perform an insane solo routine.

Honestly, the track is addicting and Rihanna rapping hard is what 2017 needs.

Peep the video tutorial below.